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Why Calm Up? My genius is to help people create calm. Nobody likes to be told to calm down. 
It can feel patronising and also feels like our feelings don't matter and are being dismissed. 

Rather than pushing down and suppressing your feelings which is what happens when you are told to calm down, Calm Up starts within, we go to the source of the feelings and discomfort in our body and start from there. This also what happens when we use external sources to escape from the discomfort,
we push down the feelings which can lead to overwhelm or not feeling anything at all.

Calm Up is a mixed modality approach, it’s a broader deeper look at your own inner world so you can activate you own calm,
it doesn’t mean that life wont feel busy but that you’ll always feel centered no matter what is happening.

Calm is not just for other people, it’s also for you, it’s in all of us and you can access it too.

If you are new here go and get yourself my Calm Up Kit in quick resources for creating your inner calm, it includes my calming affirmations audio and my go to daily meditation, along with a mood tracker and time management tool. 

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